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The world doesn't need what women have. It needs what women are. - Edith Stein

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Fertility Awareness 101

Your cycles don't have to be a mystery! Knowing your body intimately through fertility awareness can empower you to take control of your health and fertility. In this FREE e-course, you'll learn what fertility awareness is, the basics of your cycle, the effectiveness of NFP, the beauty of your femininity, and more!
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Uncover the science of your cycles, master your charting skills, embrace your femininity, and more. Whether you're looking for personal coaching or knowledge-packed courses, you'll learn fertility awareness (NFP) in a comprehensive, engaging, and empowering way. You were created with a genius all your own. It's time to discover it!
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Have burning questions about fertility awareness and natural family planning? I'd love to connect with you! Grab your fave cup o' joe and schedule a quick video consultation (it's on the house!) to talk about your health and reproduction goals, and find out if the FEMM method is a good fit for your needs and lifestyle.
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"Lydia is an excellent and caring instructor. She is knowledgeable, explains things very clearly, and genuinely wants to help you learn and understand the session material. I found her to be very approachable and patient, encouraging questions and offering suggestions and feedback throughout and in between our sessions." -Annelise

You’re a genius.

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